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Pre workout powder single serve

Technical details

Per Stick Weight

6gr, 13gr & 18 gr
Sachet Length:

145 mm

Sachet Width:

35 mm

The number of lanes

4 lanes

Speed Capacity

140 sticks per minute

Filling system

auger filler




Automatic multilane pre-workout drink powder stick bag packing machine is designed to efficiently and accurately package powdered pre-workout drink formulations into stick-shaped bags. Stick bags are a popular choice for packaging single servings of powdered products because they are convenient for consumers and offer excellent portion control.

Key features and functions:

1. Hopper: The machine is equipped with a hopper to hold and dispense the pre-workout powder. The hopper can be designed to handle the specific flow characteristics of the powder.

2. Auger Filler: An auger filler is commonly used to measure and dispense precise amounts of the powdered product into each stick bag. Auger fillers are adjustable to control the fill weight accurately.

3. Stick Bag Forming and Filling: The machine forms stick bags from a roll of packaging material, fills them with the pre-workout powder, and then seals them. 

4. Multilane Design: Multilane machines are designed to operate on multiple lanes simultaneously, which increases the packaging speed and efficiency. Each lane can package a separate stick bag.

5. Control Panel: The machine is typically equipped with a Siemens control panel or HMI (Human-Machine Interface) that allows operators to set parameters such as fill weight, packaging speed, and other packaging specifications.

6. Conveyor System: A conveyor system transports the filled and sealed stick bags to the next stage of the packaging process, such as labeling or cartoning.

7. Safety Features: These machines are equipped with safety features to protect operators and ensure safe operation.

Proper maintenance and cleaning procedures are essential to keep the machine running smoothly and to prevent contamination of the product.

When selecting a machine for your production needs, consider factors such as production volume, packaging material type, fill weight accuracy, and any special requirements for your pre-workout drink powder. It's also important to adhere to any regulatory guidelines and quality standards relevant to your industry. Additionally, working with an experienced packaging machinery supplier can help you choose the right machine for your specific needs.

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