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Liquid Packaging Machine

Ketchup Sachet Side Sealing Packing Machine

Technical details

Capacity30-45 cycle/min ( Depend on the features of material )
Sachet lengthMax.180mm
Sachet widthMax.120mm
Filling method1. piston pump  2. ceramic pump  3. peristaltic pump
Weight range1-150ml
Film material1. Composite film  2. aluminium film
Cutting type
1. straight cutting  2. zigzag cutting  3. continuous cutting



Product: ketchup tomato paste

Bag type: four sides sealed sachet, thress sides sealed sachet

Capacity: single lane machine for 30-45 bag/min, multilane machine for 100-450 bag/min

As a manufacturer with 14 years of experience in packaging machine design and production, we have accumulated rich experience in both the food and non-food fields.

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Ketchup four sides sealing sachet

Ketchup four sides sealing sachet

Eight lanes ketchup sachet machine

Eight lanes ketchup sachet machine

Single lane tomato paste sachet machine

Single lane tomato paste sachet machine


1. Code printer: laser marking printer, thermal transfer printer, ribbon code printer, hot stamped coding machine

2. Cutting type: straight cut, zigzag cut, continuous cut

3. Dosing system: piston pump, ceramic pump, peristaltic pump

4. Easy open tear notch features

5. Variety of bag sealing patterns and bag shapes

6. Automatic counting and repackaging machine: box cartoning machine, vffs vertical form fill machine, premade pouch packing machine

7. Finished product conveyor


1. The equipment frame is made of 304 stainless steel, in line with food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene standards:

2. Equipped with safety protection.in line with enterprise safety management requirements;

3. Electric components are general accessories for imported reliable brands. Siemens PLC control, touch screen control, automatic control capacability of the whole machine, high reliability and intelligence, high speed and high efficiency;

4. Independent temperature control system is adopted, and the temperature control is accurate, ensuring the sealing effect is beautiful and smooth:

5. The servo clamping film, film pulling system and color code control system can be automatically adjusted through the touch screen, and the operation ot sealing deviation correction and incision deviation correction is simple;

6. It can be packed 4-12 lines according to the width of the bag.The machine can be connected to the subsequent dosing line and the automatic secondary packing machine like cartoning machine, vffs machine and premade pouch packing machine, to achieve the fully automation production line.

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