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Mouthwash liquid stick pack

Technical details

Per Bag Weight

20 grams (20ml)
Sachet Length:

170 mm

Sachet Width:

25 mm

The number of lanes

10 lanes

Speed Capacity

320 stick bags per minute

Filling system

Peristaltic pump dosing and filling




  This ten lanes mouthwash liquid stick multi-lane packing machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to simultaneously fill and seal individual stick packs containing mouthwash liquid. Stick packs are elongated, narrow packets that are commonly used for single-use portions of liquids, powders, or gels. In the case of mouthwash, these stick packs offer convenience and portability for consumers.

  The mouthwash liquid stick multi-lane packing machine streamlines the packaging process for mouthwash manufacturers, allowing them to efficiently produce stick packs with precise liquid filling and secure sealing. This type of packaging machinery is well-suited for high-volume production in the oral care industry, providing a practical and appealing packaging solution for consumers.

  We also provide a complete packaging solution integrated with paper box cartoning machine.

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