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Food & Beverage

Drink mix beverage

Technical details

Per Bag Weight

90 ml
Sachet Length:

220 mm

Sachet Width:

50 mm

The number of lanes

6 lanes

Speed Capacity

150 packages per minute

Filling system

piston pump dosing and filling




  The drink mix multi-lane stick pack machine is designed to package individual servings of liquid beverage mixes into stick-shaped packets. These stick packs are commonly used for packaging liquid concentrates, flavor enhancers, energy shots, and other similar products that require precise dosing and convenient on-the-go consumption.

  This type of machine is ideal for high-volume production of single-serve liquid beverage stick packs. It can accommodate multiple lanes or rows of stick packs, effectively increasing the packaging throughput compared to a single-lane machine.


  Benefits of using a multi-lane single serve liquid beverage drink mix stick pack machine:

1. High Throughput: The ability to process multiple lanes simultaneously significantly increases packaging speed and production efficiency.

2. Precise Dosage: Each lane has its own dispensing system, ensuring accurate and consistent dosing of liquid into each stick pack.

3. Convenience: Stick packs remain convenient for consumers to use and carry, even when produced in higher volumes.

4. Hygiene and Freshness: Individual stick packs maintain product hygiene and freshness, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining product quality.

5. Branding and Information: Stick packs offer ample space for branding, labeling, and necessary product details for each lane.

6. Versatility: These machines can handle various liquid viscosities, formulations, and flavors across multiple lanes.

7. Labor Efficiency: The increased packaging speed reduces the need for extensive manual labor, enhancing overall efficiency.

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