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Powder Detergent Sachet

Technical details

Per Bag Weight

74 gram
Sachet Length:

145 mm

Sachet Width:

100 mm

The number of lanes

4 lanes

Speed Capacity

124 sachets per minute

Filling system

Volumetric cup weigher system


This kind of detergent powder product is in the state of small particles, not fine powder, with good fluidity.




Multilane powder detergent four sides sealed sachet machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to efficiently create, fill, and seal sachets or pouches containing powdered detergent products. The machine are commonly used in the detergent manufacturing industry to package powdered laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, and similar products into small, sealed pouches for retail sale or distribution. The "four sides sealed" design means that all four sides of each sachet are sealed, ensuring the product remains securely enclosed.

Key features and components:

1. Multilane Configuration: These machines are equipped with multiple lanes, allowing for the simultaneous production of multiple sachets. The number of lanes can vary based on the machine's capacity and production requirements.

2. Powder Filling System: Powdered detergent products are precisely dispensed into the sachets using a specialized volumetric cup filling system. This filling system is designed to handle particle powders and ensures precise measurement of the detergent.

3. Film Roll and Unwinding System: Sachet packaging machines use a roll of packaging film. This film is unwound and passed through the machine, where it is formed into pouches, filled with the powdered detergent, and then sealed on all four sides.

4. Four Sides Sealing Mechanism: The sealing mechanism is a critical component of these machines. It seals all four sides of the sachets, ensuring that the powdered detergent is securely enclosed.

5. Control System: These machines come equipped with a Siemens control panel or touchscreen interface that allows operators to set parameters such as sachet size, fill weight, sealing temperature, and production speed. This control system ensures precision and consistency in sachet production.

5. In order to tear the bag easier, we have added an zig-zag tyep easy-tear cutting to the top of the sachet, and there is also a linked bag design.

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