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Fruit jam stick pack

Technical details

Per Bag Weight

9 grams (20ml)
Sachet Length:

140 mm

Sachet Width:

30 mm

The number of lanes

6 lanes

Speed Capacity

192 stick bags per minute

Filling system

High standard ceramic pump dosing and filling

Bag shape optionsstandard stick pack, irregular shape stick pack



  This six-lane fruit jam irregular shape stick pack packing machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to package fruit jam, fruit juice or fruit pulp in irregularly shaped stick packs. Irregular shapes can include unique or custom shapes that differ from the standard rectangular or tubular stick pack designs. The machine is used to create distinctive packaging for branding and marketing purposes while still providing single-serve portions of fruit jam.


Product Feeding: Fruit jam is loaded into a feeding system, similar to regular stick pack packing machines.

Film Unwinding: Rolls of packaging film suitable for creating irregularly shaped stick packs are loaded onto the machine. This film is specially designed to accommodate the unique shape requirements.

Film Forming: The packaging film is pulled from the roll and formed into the desired irregular shape for the stick packs. The number of lanes (six in this case) determines how many irregularly shaped stick packs can be formed simultaneously.

Filling: The fruit jam is dispensed into the irregularly shaped stick packs through a filling nozzle. The machine ensures that each pack receives the correct amount of jam, regardless of its shape.

Sealing: The stick packs are sealed, typically using heat or pressure, to secure the jam inside and maintain freshness.

Cutting: After sealing, the continuous film with multiple irregularly shaped stick packs is cut into separate units. Each stick pack now has its unique shape.

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