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Stick Bag Packing Counting Assembling & Carton Line

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stick bag packing counting assembling and carton line is a packaging system commonly used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. This integrated line of machinery is designed to efficiently package products in stick bags, count them, assemble them into specific quantities, and then carton them for distribution or retail sale. Stick bags are elongated, narrow pouches that are often used to package single servings of products like granules, powders, liquids, or solids.

As a manufacturer with 14 years of experience in packaging machine design and production, we have accumulated rich experience in both the food and non-food fields.

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Stick Bag Packing Counting Assembling & Carton Line

Stick Bag Packing Counting Assembling & Carton Line

Jelly stick bag cartoning system

Jelly stick bag cartoning system


1. Code printer: laser marking printer, thermal transfer printer, ribbon code printer, hot stamped coding machine

2. Cutting type: straight cut, zigzag cut, round cut 

3. Easy open tear notch features

4. Variety of bag sealing patterns and bag shapes

5. Finished product conveyor

6. Multilane stick pack machine or single lane stick pack machine

7. Stick bags counting machine


Here's a breakdown of the key components and processes involved in a stick bag packing counting assembling and carton line:

1. Stick Bag Packing Machine: This machine is responsible for forming, filling, and sealing stick bags. It precisely dispenses the product into individual stick bags, seals them to prevent leakage or contamination, and then cuts them to the desired length.

2. Counting Mechanism: After the stick bags are filled and sealed, a counting mechanism is used to accurately count a specific number of stick bags. The counting system ensures that the correct quantity of stick bags is assembled for cartoning.

3. Assembling Unit: The assembling unit gathers the counted stick bags into the desired configuration or quantity. This could involve creating bundles or groups of stick bags based on the product's packaging requirements.

4. Cartoning Machine: Once the stick bags are counted and assembled, they are loaded into cartons or boxes. The cartoning machine picks up the configured group of stick bags and places them into cartons according to the specified packaging arrangement.

5. Carton Sealing and Labeling: After the carton is filled with stick bags, it is sealed using a sealing mechanism (typically glue or tape). Labels or barcodes are applied to the carton for identification and tracking purposes.

6. Conveyors and Transport Systems: Conveyors and transport systems move the stick bags and cartons between different stages of the packaging line, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow.

7. Control System: A central control system or human-machine interface (HMI) allows operators to monitor and adjust various parameters of the packaging process, such as counting settings, packaging configurations, and line speed.

Stick bag packing counting assembling and carton line include increased packaging efficiency, reduced labor costs, precise counting and assembly, improved product presentation, and consistency in packaging.

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